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FreshAire productions uncovers hidden histories and gives voices to characters of the past.

We research our rich local history and uncover interesting stories and characters time has forgotten.

Working with local, talented performers we make productions for radio, theatre and film.



In the pipeline

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A gritty radio drama about domestic abuse and the rediscovery of identity. Coming soon ...

What's on

A wedding, a scandal, two worlds crashed together but Tabitha has a vision of how to make everything work out. Surely nothing could go wrong.

Part of the Leeds literature festival March 29th
Season 1

The first season of our raucous sitcom will begin on Chapel FM from Tuesday 4th February. The show starts at 7:00pm.

Previous shows

Under Their Feet

A live performance about two feisty suffragettes who hid beneath the stage of St Georges Hall all night to spring their protest on Winston Churchill.

Queens of Dawson City Live

Special editions of Queens of Dawson City have been performed live on air.


Bradford, England. United Kingdom

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